HPE Agile Manager Empower Agile Teams and Deliver Enterprise Agility

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HPE Agile Manager

HPE Agile Manager unites your teams by providing real-time, 360-degree visibility into tasks, metrics, and progress. This universal insight empowers teams to collaborate and self-organize so they can deliver targeted Agile results. Plus it supplies managers with the up-to-date information needed to make more informed decisions. HPE Agile Manager can support a single team or allow you easily to scale Agile by enabling multiple, geographically distributed teams across the enterprise. 

As a component of the HPE IT Performance Suite, HPE Agile Manager leverages the breadth of the HPE Software portfolio for integrated, cross-function collaboration and end-to-end agility. Seamless integrations help reduce the "change lag" and miscommunication stemming from manual handoffs among IT silos, resulting in greater change-readiness and responsiveness to business demand.

Key Benefits:

  • Drag and drop interface that enables easy release and sprint planning, task allocation and capacity management across teams and individuals
  • Task and release planning boards give all team members ready insight into the entire project landscape, workflow, and potential issues or bottlenecks. Seamless integration with ALM and Quality Center using comprehensive Continuous Integration Tools
  • Advanced development analytics aggregate source code and build information to surface meaningful insights into application changes, allowing for precise risk analysis and more informed decisions
  • Strategically aligning empowered agile teams with enterprise business objectives
  • Assuring systemic quality of code vital to any business that depends on software
  • Helping teams be hyper-productive and highly efficient through fully visible work environments
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